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Abdominal bulges which come and go over minutes


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In the morning whilst still in bed I get like a tennis ball sized bubble (bulge) form and disappear several times (within minutes) on the right side midway between hip and ribs, it's painless. Is this normal peristalsis?

I was diagnosed in about 1982 with IBS, was found to have familial hyperbilirubinemia (Gilberts Disease) from blood tests taken at the time (prob not relevant). I'm still not convinced I have IBS. I almost never have diarrhea and I don't quality as constipated as I go almost every day. The biggest problem is flatulence a plenty, and if I'm in company I hold it in and it causes bloating, pain and misery.  

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Jeffrey Roberts

Dear nightporter,

I get bulges like that on my right side - especially in the morning. Your body is waking up and your gut goes through a process of waking up too and pushing any gas that accumulated over night. This is usually my situation.

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