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I dont know what's wrong very scared that i might have IBS-C losing my mind please help


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All this started around January after i ate this sandwich i got from my boss at work. The next day i came down with a stomach bug after that things had got a lil better but a couple days later i kept feeling heavy headed and my body also felt heavy so i went to the ER they gave me some Lactouse and sent me on my way. I started taking the lactouse and it gave me gas they also gave me dicyclomine or something i think. I started feeling ok then boom at the end of February I get the same feeling only this time my stomach bloats for like 3 days I dont know if it was random or not but i go the hospital. I tell the doctor i was bloated for 3 days . feel heavy. no pain in my abdomine and my stomach keeps making loud sounds. I then was sent to a GI by my doctor the GI asks me a few questions and says i just sound constipated and tell me to eat more fiber, water, and take magnesium citrate and Mirilax I did that for a like a 7 days had some bowl movements. I thought everything might be back to normal now it's May I i have this pressure under my rib again, and a couple of nights ago my stomach started burning and i had a panic attack. I went to the doctor they gave me Famodine and Lactouse. I've been taking that which has helped the burning a lil and stuff but my gut feels heavy, i still have the stupid pressure in my left side, my back is hurting, my stomach feels full but it looks normal, some mucus in stool, mild nausea sometimes, random cramps in ribs, losing weight cause i've been trying to eat small meals went from 149 to 144 (i also been doing exercise so maybe that's why) and i have a lump in my throat. I dont know what's going on im extremely worried that I may have IBS-C and gastritis, i cry alot everyday knowing that if i have this my life is probably over from all the post i see on here about IBS there is no cure at all the best i can hope for is just gastritis cause atleast there are cures. I've booked an appointment with my new doctor on the 27th so that hopefully i can go to a GI and they can do a endoscopy and tell me what's wrong cause i cant stop looking up things.

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Jeffrey Roberts

Oh dear Jacob11114 you sound really miserable.

If this is IBS, you certainly can live an almost perfectly normal life with the right treatment plan. Let's first get some answers to your symptoms before jumping to any conclusions.

There are medications available for constipation and others for diarrhea. Hopefully you won't need any of these, but they are available and some work very well for people.

What did your new doctor say on the 27th?

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