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Trying to deal with IBS-C properly after years of feeling lost


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Hello everyone,

This is very difficult for me to talk about but I'm going to try in hopes that it'll help me.


I am someone whose dealt with chronic constipation for years and years, basically since far back my memory goes (age 4). I grew up in a home where your health (physical, mental, and emotional) were not seen as either worth dealing with or were not properly dealt with (e.g. my dad NEVER took any of us kids to the dentist growing up, not even for regular teeth cleanings...). Anyways, I also suffer from like being very gassy before I have a bowel movement...the whole room will smell it's just awful; I feel inhuman. I was bullied in school for this for years as a child when I did not understand what was going on with my body.


Later in life, I went to a nutritionist in my university and she suggested I try cutting gluten out of my diet and dairy and that got so much pushback from my parents (as you can see, very smart people..). But I began eating gluten-free bread and lactose-free milk and it reduced so many issues for me (as in made me less severely constipated)! I also read online once to try magnesium supplements and that is something I can use sometimes to have a bowel movement because again, if I have a day without going then I just have gas through the whole day which makes me so self-conscious of if I smell at all to anyone. And then I get stressed out from worrying and it can trigger more gassiness; making navigating normal social interaction so difficult.

There's a lot I'm not covering probably like how I'm kind of addicted to sugary foods (it was one way I coped as a child with how awful my illness and home life was) and maybe should stop with those. But what I really am asking is does anyone know how I could reduce the gassiness and increase regular, normal movements? Should I be trying to get tested for other illnesses to rule them out? I'm in Canada if anyone knows of good specialists I could try to contact.


Thank you for reading!

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Jeffrey Roberts

Dear wandering_risa,

I'm sorry I missed reading this when it was posted. Thank you for sharing something that I am sure was difficult to share.

It's great that you consulted a nutritionist to try and get to the bottom of this. I've always felt that malabsorption of a food was the cause of smelly gas. Fermenting of foods by your gut is also a factor. I have heard that sugary foods are a feast for your bacteria in your gut and that might also be contributing to your gas.

Which city are you located in Canada? I can try and find a doctor that you could try and see.

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Hi Jeffrey, thank you for the reply. A lot of what you're saying makes sense. I can PM you my location if that's alright.

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