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Pain control

Marie Garvey

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hi Marie,

I tried pinaverium (Dicetel) many years ago (20+ years ago). It's approved for use in about every country in the world except the US. I didn't find it very useful for diarrhea predominant IBS.

I have used peppermint oil. The product IBgard is a very potent peppermint capsule. I found it too strong and it made my stomach feel uncomfortable. I found that it didn't have much affect on my abdominal pain. 

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Oh, thanks, for your answer. My doctor also mentioned peppermint oil but wanted me to try pinaverium first. My pain happens after a BM. So I could be fine all day with no pain at all, have a BM later in the day, and immediately my stomach bloats and I have pain. Sheesh. Drives me crazy. 

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