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I do not know what to do about my symptoms of chronic constipation


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I recently have been diagnosed as having IBS.

I do not know what to do about my symptoms of chronic constipation.

My doctor put me on a LOWFODMAP diet. Since doing this I have lost about 10 lbs (3 week timespan) and struggle to eat at all.

I do eat and keep a food log as well.

My questions:

1.  Can a colonoscopy prep and the procedure itself introduce something to give someone IBS?

2.  Other than diet, are there any medications that actually work for IBS, without having a nasty side effect such as causing constipation or making some other body function suffer?

3.  I have read that peppermint oil taken orally as a pill form helps.  Does anyone do this and has it helped; and by how much?

I realize this forum is for IBS-C.  My symptoms resonate with this.

Thank you for helping me get some answers.

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hello Mcquiddy,

Do you think you are losing weight on the low FODMAP diet because you aren't eating enough? The diet is actually meant to be 3 phases - Elimination - Reintroduction - Maintenance. (https://www.ibspatient.org/treatment/lowfodmap/) If you have eliminated foods completely it's not exactly how it was meant to be used. Would you consider speaking with a Registered Dietitian who knows how to manage this diet?

About your questions:

1. I don't think the colonoscopy prep could give you IBS; however, it's theoretically possible for the procedure to introduce an infection which might seem like IBS. I think you would have a fever and other symptoms if that were the case. I've never read that a scope has resulted in anyone developing IBS.

2. There are numerous medications for constipation and IBS-C. Linzess, Amitiza, Trulance, Motegrity, Zelnorm, Ibsrela. I don't believe that any of these should give you constipation.

3. Peppermint oil might help with abdominal pain. That might indirectly help with constipation or diarrhea, but the main reason for using peppermint is as a muscle relaxer for the gut. I have used it occasionally but never stayed with it.

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