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Canned/frozen fish and flares?


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Has anyone else had problems with canned fish and frozen fish causing flare-ups?

I find that I can eat those things a lot of the time. But suddenly a can of mackerel, or a piece of frozen cod (hygienically prepared and cooked well) will cause a terrible flare-up. That has happened three times recently/ It feels like a food poisoning bout except there isn't much nausea and there's no vomiting, just awful bathroom imprisonment!

I eat canned mackerel, tuna, and salmon often, as they store well, are good for omega 3-s, healthy protein, always suited me. But in the past few months I have been having bad reactions sometimes to them.

I always buy those cans from a good supermarket, store them well, check the cans for use-by date (usually a year or two in advance!) and the soundness of the can. I always make sure when opening them, that there is a tiny air escape sound when the can is first opened or pierced.  I never leave the fish once opened at room temperature for more than approx. 5 minutes while I am preparing other food.

I have begun to wonder if I may have a gut issue with histamine rather than anything else. Maybe it's the histamine that is the cause rather than Fodmaps or any other thing?


Does anyone else have trouble with these foods? Is this a "thing"? Or is it just weird/me?

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