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Having a really hard functioning


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I have been suffering with symptoms for over 6 years. My old doctor diagnosed my with IBS and basically said I needed to learn to live with it. It started out as just nausea and constipation until about a year ago. It was like a switch was flipped and I started having intense abdominal pain where it feels like my lower abdomen is on fire. I have days were I can barely leave the bathroom. (Thank god for lockdown or I would have been fired for never being at my desk and always in the bathroom). I no longer want to leave my house since I never when the symptoms will strike. If I do go out I never leave home without my Ondansetron (which I usually have take at least 2x a week). It feels like anything I eat doesn't agree with me and have started switching to nutrition & protein shakes just to not lose anymore weight (dropped 20bls and was thin to begin with) & avoid malnutrition. Have gone through doctor after after doctor as most have either dismissed my complaints or ran just a blood test, which of course always come back fine. I finally found a new doctor that took me seriously. Have had an endoscopy & colonoscopy, which were normal so no signs for GERD, liver or pancreas issues.  Doc just ordered a breath test for SIBO and am awaiting results. I'm trying so hard to just even get out of bed every day because I am so tired of being sick all the time. If anyone has any idea how to make it easier to just function I would welcome the tips. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Dear riversong,

So sorry to read your story. While tests coming back normal may seem like you are not getting closer to an answer, each result continues to support that it's likely IBS and not something requiring more tests.

Ondansetron is starting to be used more often for IBS with diarrhea since it can constipate you and help with the abdominal pain. However, you might consider talking to your doctor about a low dose central neuromodulator (ie: antidepressant) which might even out your bad days and keep you out of the bathroom. Taking the right kind and dose helps many people with pain and a looser stool.

You might also look into the low FODMAP diet to see if some foods aggravate your condition more than others.

I'm glad that you found a doctor that is taking this seriously. Too many doctors look for other illnesses and send patients home to fend for themselves.

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Dear Riversong,

It's  3:00am and once more I ate too much of a variety of foods and this is the result, I'mspending quality time with myselfin the bathroom, probably for a few hours. 

I have also been undiagnosed: 2 colonoscopys and the camera down the throat over the last 5 years, but I've been dealing with this for twenty years. I have been concerned about work as well. I have better results if I dont drink anything after eating a 'safe' meal for at least a good hour and eating normal portions which can be difficult sometimes when you feel like you're ravenous due to eating foods with little nutritional value. But smaller meals make sense for me. Last night was a bad combination of too many diverse foods and spices, I believe. I will have to single out a couple things and try them on their own and weed out the culprits. Another post here in this forum by Elizabeth suggested a couple of books that helped her so I will check that out. This year I've noticed more depression because of this 'homebound' imprisonment. I cant go out for lunch or dinner with friends, I'm always having to say "Oh, no, you go ahead and order something, I'll eat when I get home ". And then they think you can't afford to eat out and you just flounder and say no its not that, and then its either flat out lying about it or being honest which seems to kill appetites all around. Often I say I just ate, and then enviously watch them eat an enormous meal that I could never eat without the most dire of consequences. That makes me really sad at the time but I don't show it of course. To watch everyday people just go to any restaurant they choose and not hesitate to order anything on the menu! I'm not trying to bring anyone down here, I'm hoping someone will read this and know they aren't alone, which I often feel til I come to the site. But I have friends who have othrr health problems I wouldn't trade them with for anything. 

Take care, Riversong, I pray you find a solution. 



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