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constipation / diarhea swings


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For reference:   Mail, age 76 yrs old, weight 295.   Diverticulitis is an issue.  In 2016, I was hospitalized with a small perforation.  Instead of resection surgery to cut out the diverts, they kept me in for 7 days of "bowel rest". (no food, not even water), plus antibiotics and pain meds.  Since then, I've had a few flare ups, treated with antibiotics 

I've been fat forever. In 2000, I was up to 335 and lost 100# with Atkins. Kept off for almost 5 yrs, then "found" most of it.   In 2018, I lost 80 using KETO but frustration and eating everything in sight, I got back up to 320 or so.   Between Atkins and KETO, I would have constipation often along with straining to poop which no doubt, caused Diverticulitis.  I try not to strain, but drive a school bus and I want to go before I'm on the bus, lest i have an "accident".  It did happen once but thank God it was after the kids were off.  Off and on, I tried Miralax, Metamusel, Ghia seeds and Citracel plus a stool softener at night.   

Up till a couple months ago I was taking nsaids (Ibuprophen & Naproxen) for back pain This caused GIRD and messed up my stomach.  Took RX strength Nexeum, which alleviated the GIRD but caused diarhea.  Now, I am not taking nsaids or Nexeum and focusing on weight loss with Keto, The 295 is down from 315

Constipation is still an issue, causing me to strain occasionally followed by a loose poop and feeling like I have to go very soon after, plus a sore, tired anxious gut.  If I didn't have to beat the clock in the morning before leaving to drive bus, I can wait for a bowel movement without having to strain.

People on other forums suggested "this" works for me but I don't want to take dynamite.  I want the minimum "stuff" to make me regular.  I've done to much and probably back and forth hasn't given me a consistent reference. 

I've been to my regular doc and gastroenterologist, resulting in "take, this, take that.  All of this overlapped with GIRD and inflammation that would have led to an ulcer.  I know my weight is a major factor but I want to get back to some semblence of normal so frustration doesn't have me wanting to eat my way to comfort. 

Any help appreciated. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hi bigbadjim,

When you shared your story in May, I wondered if you had spoken to your doctor about trying Motegrity or Linzess? Your age might be a factor for using it, but you can discuss that with your doctor as it might make things more regular and predictable.

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