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App to help keep track of what you eat


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Hi folks!

I suffered from IBS for no less than 10 years, but finally got it fixed earlier this year (6 month symptom free and counting :) )

I tried the low FODMAP diet but sometimes you eat out and you skip it... So one thing that helped me a lot was keeping a food journal as well as symptoms journal, to find correlations. I used fitbit myself, although I hear others use Myfitnesspal too.

Keeping track of all was a big pain though, so I ended up hiring with some friends a nutritionist that we'd pay so that we coudl text them pictures or texts of what we ate, and they'd annotate all for us so we never miss a meal. This worked super well, so I am now making an app to see if I can bring this same convenience to others to help them in their nutrition tracking journeys :) 

I am going to start a free early access program soon, and am looking for early feedback. Does this sound interesting to any of you? Is there anything it would need to have that you're missing? 

If this sounds potentially interesting to you, please check out https://olive.diet and let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks

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