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Maxed Out!

25 Times Minimum

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     Am brand new to the forum but have suffered daily for 44 years! As Alex in "A Clockwork Orange" 1972 film says: "I've suffered the tortures of the damned Sir. Tortures of the damned". After 44 years of course it got much worse. In the army I managed but at 68 its been 25 times a day minimum I am forced to be within 15 feet of "the Throne".

     When it gets horrible like now I fast 2 days. Went out for a walk and had a pain flash, cramps and a clear mucus discharge. came home to shower but I smile and grin. I noticed that 3 weeks ago I have tiny intestinal worms, got medicine for it 16 days ago and am on a second dose now. I am HOPING like crazy that WORMS are the cause of IBS for the last 44 years. Kill the worms and my life will be lots different??? (I doubt it but...) Still hopeful.

     25 times a day i visit the Throne, MINIMUM the last 4 years or more.  Any ideas?  because of it i was NOT going out on long distance walks, plus Covid-19 so I stayed close to home always.  After gaining 55 or more lbs. I decided to go back outside sports running and lost in 4 month 36 lbs. Even if I "mess up", got the old Adult Diaper and if (when) I have an attack i crawl home!                                                               Lost 36 lbs. got more to go no way am I giving up on running.                                                                                                                                            Did anyone find that intestinal worms were the REAL culprit behind IBS???s-l400.jpg

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