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I am lactose intolerant and also have osteoporosis.  I had mostly given up on dairy products but

was thinking of trying an enzyme product that helps digest lactose like Fast Act.

So I was wondering if anyone in the group has tried any products that help digest lactose.

I find it hard to consume enough calcium by only consuming green vegetables, fish w/ bones,

certain beans, oranges etc.

It seems like if I could digest yogurt, for example, I would be able to get the RDA of calcium.

Thanks for any ideas you may have on this subject.

Have a good day!

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@Saphire7 Have you tried a calcium supplement as well as the normal food you eat? A Calcium supplement should be safe so long as you don't exceed the RDA (including what you get from foods) Please do check this, but I think the RDA is 1200 with upper limit 2000mg daily.  It might be wise to ask your doctor though before doing that.

I think vitamin D3 also helps the absorption of Calcium.

I have also heard that Calcium carbonate can help IBS-D perhaps.

I am not diagnosed as lactose intolerant, and within limits, lactose doesn't upset my gut. I eat butter, but haven't used other milk-based products for a very long time, and that wasn't because of IBS, as I went off milky things a long time ago, when my gut was okay. I have never been able to like yogurt. Occasionally I eat a bit of mild cheese because I do like that, but sometimes it doesn't always agree with me if I eat too much. But butter always seems to suit me. I take one calcium tablet a day which is 500mg.

And Bok Choy (low FODMAP) is packed with calcium. 1 cup lightly steamed contains 158mg. I have IBS D too, and have always found that vegetable to be very gentle on my gut.

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Hi Esjie,

Thanks very much for the info. The calcium carbonate causes constipation for me.

It's hard to find bok choy in Puerto Rico.  But I am trying to eat a lot more kale, arugula,

and other dark leafy greens.

I'm glad to hear you have found some dairy foods that you can tolerate.

I try to avoid butter because of the high cholesterol content.

take good care,


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Do you not have lactose free milk and yoghurt in your country? I also have osteoporosis and i take calcium with vit b, it dose constipate me a bit. I also eat lactose free yoghurt and lactose free milk and hard cheese. (and chew the tabs with lactase the emzine in if I have lactose by mistake). Also did you realise that hard cheeses like cheddar have minimal lactose. Once you have osteoporosis you need a higher amount of calcium in your diet and it is vary hard to get enough of it without dairy products. If not it might be worth trying the emzine but unless you can get it in chewable tablet form it would be hard to figure out how much to use. If you can find lactose free yoghurt it may also help with your ibs because yoghurt is really good for your gut bacteria 

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