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Why you should get tested for Celiac disease.


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Everyone with IBS symptoms should get tested for Celiac disease. Most restaurants and a lot of process food is contaminated with wheat. It can take weeks or months for celiac disease to heal, on a completely gluten free diet. Even small amounts of gluten (Say a crumb or two) can trigger a reaction for some people that can last for weeks. Most other grain is also contaminated by small amounts of wheat. The only way to tell for sure if you are Celiac or not is get a blood test after not consuming wheat for a few weeks. 

IBS-C or IBS d are classic signs of Celiac disease.  Non classical celiac disease (without obvious digestive problems) is more common though. Anxiety is common symptom of Celiac disease. 


IBS tends to be "don't know" diagnosis, because doctors don't know how to properly diagnose celiac disease, crohn's disease, UC  or inflammation caused by other things. 

The AIP diet works for IBS.

Also gaur gum and soluble fiber helps reduce IBS-d symptoms.

Anyway I hope this helps you or someone else reading this post.

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