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Pretty sure this is ibs-d


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Hi, have just discovered this forum and have seen a lot of familiar things being discussed. It’s been immediately very comforting.
I’ve recently started having the problem of having to rush to the toilet within minutes of waking and having very loose, mushy stools. 
‘Normally’ I would get up, breakfast and then within a short while have to go, have a good healthy BM and then again perhaps within the hour. Now it’s still twice (perhaps a third mid afternoon) but within minutes of each other and it’s a bit grim. 
it started coming on perhaps a fortnight ago, progressing to the point where it was causing quite severe lower back ache that would wake me up very early, but vanish as soon as I’d been to the toilet. The last few days I’m sleeping better and not getting quite such bad back ache, but it’s still extremely loose. After this I feel generally fine except vague, aches and pains, some bloating, sometimes not. Very windy (always have been though). And find myself getting full faster than I did. Other than that, no other symptoms really. No blood that I’m aware of, no fever, weight loss etc. 
I eat well and have tried cutting this and that but nothing changes. I should say I’ve spent the majority of this year unbelievably stressed and anxious, (particularly health anxiety)panic attacks etc. Anxiety has been the norm for me for decades but this year has been really bad. And I’m autistic as well. 
ive delivered a stool sample to the doc today and have to wait probably a week, so that’s setting the nerves off a bit. 
anyway…does this sound like ibs-d to you guys? 

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