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My experience with IBS


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Hello, my name is Brad and I am 23. Five years ago I was hospitalized with severe stomach pain and have dealt with IBS symptoms since then. 

I have tried different combinations of diets and supplements to try to find the best solution for my problem. I currently have no stomach pain and only have occasional diarrhea and blood in my stool (maybe a couple times a year). I can now drink alcohol without stomach pain, like a normal 23 year old dude.

For my diet I have learned to stay away from acidic foods and eat yogurt daily. Acidic foods cause a burning feeling in my stomach. Yogurt contains probiotics that are good for your stomach. I also learned to eat smaller portions of food more often throughout the day. Instead of only eating 2 large meals at each end of the day.

For supplements I take Spring Valley Probiotics and Synogut everyday. I have only been able to find Synogut online and have been taking it for a while now.

I tried not to make this post too long and I hope my experiences can help others.



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Dear Bradley,

Thanks for sharing your successful solutions. I've been on the fence about probiotics due to so much contradicting information--refridgerated or not etc.

And I have tried the yogurt (lactose free) but thought I was having a reaction to it but still working that out. Smaller meals, definitely. Thank. you for your input, so helpful.

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