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IBS Spasms so severe I get hospitalized

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Here is my story... I was diagnosed when I was a teen with IBS, constant constipation, bloating, and pain. I am now 52. In 2014 I had ruptured diverticulitis which caused me 13 days in ICU due to sepsis and an eliostomy. Recovered after being opened up and over 3 months. Eliostomy reversal, to 6 months later hernia surgery to repair 3 hernias. Severe bowel blockages and IBS pain. 2017 gall bladder removed. I have never taken medicine for IBS. i was told to take a dose of miralax everyday. Which I continue to do for the past 5 years, which has stopped the constipation. I can go a year without spasms that ultimately land me in the hospital ER. Then a month to recover. I am not tolerant of fiber supplements. I drink over a gallon of water a day. And eat lots of fruit and veggies, which seemed to keep it at bay. Now I am getting spasms in my bowels and stomach which the same excruciating pain push up in my chest. After multipe tests I now have a hiatel hernia 6cm which is causing havoc along with these spasms that make it hard to breathe. Ive gone to multiple doctors trying to find out what is happening to me. Does anyone have these debilitating spasm pains to the point of not being able to sit down, lay down, bend over? Its so painful I stand with my arms over my head, sometimes for hours. It is ruining my life. I have been on a liquid diet for 6 weeks and I am just starting to be able to eat solid food again without pain. But the spasms continue just not as severe. Wondering does anyone have any help in relieving the symptoms before they become debilitating? I am allergic to a lot of medicines but do take the miralax daily and a probiotic as well as 80 mg of omeprazole daily. One doctor has given me Diltiazem for esophageal spasms, which I am apprehensive to take, but will when and if it gets severe again.

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