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How I reversed my IBS


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My name is Alison😀

My digestive problems started very young. I had problems with milk and eating fruit and sugar. I was constipated, always tired, but had no idea why.

At university I had to spend a year abroad in France as an English Assistant. One day I woke up and it felt like my whole digestive system had blown a fuse. My stomach was churning all the time and constipation had swung to diarrhoea. I was told it was gastro-enteritus.

I wondered if it was the change in food. But it lasted for days, weeks, months. Then my doctor pronounced an intresting word: psychosomatic.

Psychosomatic. I actually knew what that word meant from an unlikely song in the musical Guys and Dolls (la grippe).

Where how you feel and think can create physical symptoms.

I could feel there was some wisdom in that, but I couldn't see the link with my IBS back then. Or how to fix it.

Fast forward 25 years. Chronic bloating, a considerably reduced diet (low Fodmaps before that was a thing), bad digestion, bad sleep. EVERY DAY!

And a never ending list of things I would have to cancel at the last minute because I had a flare-up.

I was made redundant. That gave me the time I needed to do my own research.

I stopped focusing on diet, realising that it was a symptom, not the root cause.

And I learned to better understand neuroscience and find ways of interrupting psychosomatic cycles.

I went looking for what was triggering my nervous system.

And I found several triggers that for me started in childhood where I had associated strong feelings with specific situations.

As I released them one by one, my digestive system began to rebalance. I managed to reverse all my food sensitivity. 
As my digestion improved, bloating reduced, and bowel movements became normal and regular.

It has been 5 years now that I have reversed my IBS and no longer suffer from IBS symptoms.

I don't manage symptoms, have a special diet, take meds or any special products.

The hardest part for me was actually seeing my triggers, as I was living with them every day. It took me 3 long years of trial and error.

So I founded Sick of IBS, where I work with IBS sufferers to help them see their deep IBS triggers - and release them.

On my website you can find many articles that I hope will inspire you and move you forward with your IBS.

We are all spending way too much time and energy "fighting" IBS and feeling awful.

Let's start changing that:)

Alison Adenis, SickofIBS

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I guess you are a millionaire or could be as you have found the cure for IBS

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