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Hi All,


I'm new to this group, having just left another one that scared the hell out of me.  I do have mental health issues, which I'm sure contribute to my daily struggles with IBS-C, and I do have a story, but will let you know for now I suffer from debilitating anxiety, equally debilitating IBS-C, have very little medical support, am on Constella (or Linzess, as it's know in the US), don't use stimulate laxatives, and am wondering what your views of long-term use of Constella happen to be?  It's not classified as a laxative, and has no stimulant properties, and I've been on it for two years as max dose.  Can anyone provide their own experiences with Constella, along with their idea about its safety for long-term use, and perhaps offer any suggestions about how I may manage IBS-C, which I've had for years and has destroyed my life (along with many other things -- I'll provide a bio later, but since the other group was not very supportive and kept telling me Constella/Linzess is a laxative, will fail, and I'd better be prepared to suffer ever more unless I did this, this, and that, I'm tentative about share too much.  I will tell you' I'm 43, posted this in the IBS-C forum but didn't realize there was an introduction process, and I apologize.


I am a supportive person, very sensitive, and incredibly empathetic.  


Any replies that are kind and not combative or dismissive would be incredible.


Thank you,


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Jeffrey Roberts

Hi Seroquelled,

Welcome to this group! I hope that you find our group to be supportive and non-threatening. I try to maintain a humble, informative online place for everyone to share their struggles and how they have succeed in overcoming symptoms. All are welcome.

I personally do not have any experience with Constella (Linzess). I do know that you can stay on it indefinitely. Constella (Linzess) is not a laxative. It works by increasing secretions into the bowel and also helps to lessen the visceral hypersensitivity (cramping pain) in the gut. I would not describe it as a laxative. Many people have had great success with it. The best advice that I can give is to take the information that you gain here and discuss it with your physician. It's a decision between you and them about using medication. Everyone is unique and different and responds individually to different treatments.

I hope that you find this group to be supportive for you.


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