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Weight loss a symptom?


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Jan 7th I awoke with sinus congestion, slight fever later in day, followed by coughing. Evening Mucus relief pill helped with congestion and better sleep. This flu(?) continued until symptoms decreased after 4 days. Lingering a bit now. During this time I had veggie soups and bread for main meal. Diarrhea was included in the first 4 days. Then BM's changed to constipation. Only with 3 1/2 doses of Miralax yesterday did stool pass today. I was conscious of drinking liquids during this bout. Usually I am IBS-C person.

Now I see on the scale that my weight has dropped by 6 pounds in the past 2 weeks. No need to worry?

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It's possible this was Covid.

I don't think Covid actually caused my IBS, as I was having some slight symptoms for a couple of years before I caught Covid early in 2020. And then I got very loose stool for no apparent reason, a number of days before the classic Covid symptoms started. Mine was the original variant at that time, not the Delta or Omicron.

But I have had steady on-going IBS symptoms ever since (with some "remission times", the best being about 5-6 weeks last May/June, and again about 3-4 weeks in Autumn).

Weirdly, the first 6 weeks after I felt better from Covid, my gut was quite okay! The IBS seemed to set in about 6 weeks after recovery. Covid made me lose SO much weight in a short space of time....days. I looked like an anorexic, and I had been eating pretty healthy food during Covid, though couldn't eat for the first 24 hours, and then was eating light foods like vegetarian soups and stews with toast, small snacks like Brazil nuts and fruit.

But i did regain strength, and put back my lost weight and muscle tone .

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Wanted to see if I did indeed have Omicron when sick last month. I saw my Primary md and asked for Covid Antibody test. That's a blood test. Results came back negative. Has anyone had this test? How reliable are these tests? My symptoms surely fit the virus. 


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No, I haven't had the antibody test. Sometimes Omicron symptoms can feel like a cold. But I think it was easier to recognise the original versions of Covid because they were too weird, sudden, dramatic, and nothing like a cold or even flu.

But if you fit the classic symptom profile for Covid Omicron, then it's very likely you had it last month. It's hard to tell nowadays! I guess the only way to tell is via a PCR test at the time, followed up with lateral flows to monitor progress. But of course that opportunity has passed now.

I don't know how reliable the antibody tests are, I'm sorry.

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Actually, I had terrible weight loss during covid. I made a test that proved it was covid indeed. I lost about 8 kilos. So, covid is known for hitting the weakest spots of your body. Btw, I was diagnosed with covid right after the liposuction operation at https://www.visageclinic.com/the-art-of-liposuction/. So, those 8 kilos were really important for me then. Anyway, I’ve managed to gain them again after having recovered. I just wanted to prove that weight loss can be a symptom of covid. Take care, guys. Hope you’re doing well.

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