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Any theories/clues?


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Can anyone comment on any clues as to possible causes for this:


Male. Main complaint is incomplete evacuation of stool. Takes me a really long time in the toilet as in 40 minutes or 60 minutes or even 90 minutes and still have incomplete evacuation. Currently after breakfast, I try to have a bowel movement. Usually dry and difficult to push out but a few logs come out. Then nothing. After straining or using the moo to poo technique or just waiting, another bunch of logs come out. I can feel there is more in my system but I just can't get any more out, so I give up after 30 minutes. My urine is clear or light yellow, so I don't think lack of water is the problem (have tried drinking lots but it just makes me pee a lot of clear liquid). Usually stool is like thin logs, but for the past few days I have started retaking psyllium husk powder with my meals to get more soluble fiber. It has indeed bulked up the stool as in fatter logs, but the underlying complaint still persists. Have also tried dose of Lactulose syrup previous night as laxative.

After my post-breakfast effort, I can feel more stool in me (not a phantom/false feeling) but I know that going to the toilet right now won't work. Nowadays, I try to take a nap after my 'effort'. After a couple of hours, I feel the need for a bowel movement with much more urgency. When I sit on the toilet, the first movement comes with force (or sometimes I have to wait for 3-4 minutes). Then not much. I try pushing, moo to poo, relaxing etc. But not much happens for 5-10 minutes. Then, with ease or moderate effort, another bunch of well formed logs come out. Then nothing. This happens on and off so that I am in there 40+ minutes. Eventually, I have to just get up. Many times I can feel there is more to come but that it won't be easy to pass. Sometimes, I feel I have done well but within 5 minutes of leaving the toilet, I can feel that the job is not done. Today towards the end of my 40+ min effort, I could feel stool in my rectum/anal region but couldn't push it out despite prolonged trying. I rubbed my legs in circles and raised my arm in the air. That forced it out. By adopting weird poses, I can sometimes generate some additional tension/pressure in my abdomen or rectum area which forces out some poop. Nowadays though, I just try to use a squatty potty and moo to poo technique. Before I was aware of these, I did the weird poses and arm raises and twists but even after 90 minutes, I still had incomplete evac, so I gave that up and now just try to strain, moo to poo, relax, colon message or just be patient and do the best I can in about 40 minutes. The problem doesn't end there though. Because of the incomplete evac, I feel the need to revisit the toilet many times through the day and evening. Very tiring. I don't have a recent memory of a complete BM in 5-15 minutes with ease and complete evacuation. Does anyone have any theories about what is going on?

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