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Stomach cramping and diarrhea

Denise DJ

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☹️ I’m new to this nightmare that started in January with very severe stomach cramping and constant diarrhea that lasted 6 days in a row. I had to go to the ER due to the pain kept getting worse and I was really dehydrated. They did a CT scan and all they found was my entire colon was inflamed but no infection. I had a follow up with my doctor and they had me go to a GI doctor to have a colonoscopy to make sure I don’t have Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis because my birth mom has Crohn’s. I got through that nightmare and thankfully no Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis or cancer or polyps but I had acute colitis caused by a new case of IBS. It just happened so fast! Yet I can’t tolerate gluten or lactose for years now so maybe I am not just gluten intolerant or have celiac but could be related to IBS. I had a flare up Sunday and diarrhea and lots of cramping! I’m so sick of this already and get to feeling really discouraged and scared to eat anything anymore! They gave me a list today at my GI follow up appointment of foods to stay away from and foods I can have plus a prescription called Dicyclomine. Do any of you take that? Does it really work? Plus I need to start taking a better probiotic along with Citurcell(don’t know how to spell it). I’m already sick of feeling so poorly and having so much pain since January. It hurts more when I am up and walking around. I miss working out too. Just looking for some suggestions from others on what helps each of them to have more normalcy in life without constant pain all the time and having to keep missing work

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