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Linda h

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2 weeks ago I ended up in ER 2 times - for constipation.  Who knew it could cause this intensity of pain and a feeling of a tourniquet cutting off my circulation on upper abdomen.  I’m scheduled for colonoscopy (I’m due) for may 27.      I am being treated for idiopathic constipation with a GI motility specialist in Boston.  I started before Covid in early 2020 / then stopped.   I’m so glad I was established there because I quickly picked up where I left off with a zoom with nurse Practitioner- and she wants me on Linzess, omeprazole, pelvic floor physical therapy, she did blood work and ordered upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. 
i am 67 and very young and active for my age but this has been debilitating.     I want to get a part time job - now I’m afraid to because I feel so sick. I’m also a college student for social work - I only need 8 more classes for bachelor degree.  Anyway I hope Linzess fixes the immediate problem of no BMs.     
I also suddenly have pills stuck in my throat no matter how many bottles of water I drink.  So I have to do the applesauce trick. 

is anyone familiar with getting financial help for Linzess if you are on Medicare and have Blue cross Massachusetts prescription plan ?    My copay was $199 for 30 pills. 

thank you 😊 

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