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IBS with odor


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I am a Female and I have been dealing with this for over 30 years and my doctors are not hearing me. I have IBS and Gerd (gastroesophageal reflux disease) . I have a poop ODOR That comes from my stomach after I eat,The odor smells like A bowel movement and can fill the room I try not to eat certain foods I am lactose intolerant,I do dairy free and exercise three times a week

i have no Social Life, Please Help Me !   Am I the Only one with the poop Odor I Feel so ALONE !!!   HELP ME PLEASE !!!!!!!!

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Completely understand where you are coming from! I get an odour (that I can’t smell) after eating certain foods. I am considering doing a WFPB diet.

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You are absolutely not alone 😢 - the fecal body odor was the first thing I notice when I developed IBS, it isnt going away no matter what I do, no matter which doctor I try. But I can’t bring myself to give up finding a solution.

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I have this problem too.  So what I do is if I have a Physical therapy appt., the day before I eat no beans, cruciferous veggies

or other fibrous veggies like cukes.

Also chamomile tea is quite good.

I also try to give myself half hour to eat not 15 minutes.  And chew the food rather than kind of stuff it down as if

I was in a great hurry to finish eating.

A new habit that helps is drinking a cup of tea after the meal and reading something rather than starting to do say laundry

or clean the house before the food settles in.

Maybe this gives the digestive enzymes time to process the food.

Digestion is a slow process and so I find this is necessary in my case.

Maybe you can try a different approach to your problem...best of luck!

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