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IBS and Copper IUD

Amber Milley

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Hello guys,


I was curious if anyone else had any IBS related symptoms will the copper IUD as well. Originally I got the hormone IUD that literally ruined my life and brought terrible IBS symptoms onto me without ever having IBS before. After taking it out, I thought maybe if I go with a non hormonal option it would be better. I have now had it for 6 months and after having no flare ups for 6 months, the last two months, a month apart to the day I had two flare ups. With my flares I get bad cramps and bowel movement but it's so weird that it just started again once I had an IUD. This being said my flares are no where near as bad as they were with the hormone IUD in, but still weird. I am getting it out on the 12th because I am not waiting around like I did last time to end up in the hospital. 

If anyone has had problems with it let me know!

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Hi Amber, I'm new to this forum.

I suffered from IBS earlier, and frankly I was really in pain at that time. But what helped me at that time was some herbal supplements and acupuncture. I was back in London at that time and I remember I had gone through 3 acupuncture sittings, and I was really out of pain after that treatment. It was literally a good experience. I would highly recommend you. Still if you want some more information, please have a look at this article: https://www.medicinenet.com/acupuncture/article.htm

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