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Uncontrollable Flatulence (I can’t stop farting)


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This is super embarrassing, but I feel like I have a constant stream of gas leaving my rear. I can minimize it by not eating/ eating very little and taking ginger capsules. I’m 24 turning 25 but have had this symptom for years now and I don’t think it’s age related. My diagnosis is IBS-C with gastritis. This makes socializing very hard at times. All I want to do is barricade myself in my room. I noticed when I’m nervous it’s worse.... but even when I’m alone it happens also. 

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Oh dear, that's a nuisance for you. Have you tried any medication to help ?

I pass a lot of wind as soon as I wake up and stretch in bed in the morning. Why it just smells like plain air, I don't know. But it can make a funny sound! I let out at least three major farts in the next five minutes, then weirdly.....not even one for the rest of the day until a few hours after dinner when there might be about 2 or 3. So I have worked out that vegetables make me fart in the morning the day after, and most likely make me fart in the evening a few hours after they start digesting. I live with that because I have to eat veggies.

BUT I don't eat them during the day -only at dinner. Now that's interesting. I don't fart all day (when I don't eat veggies.) But I do in the morning after eating them at 6pm. I wonder if that is helpful?

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It seems like you have a normal farting schedule. Anything I eat causes excess gas. I do a lot of fasting to avoid flatulence at work and at other social events. Ginger has also helped me as well. I know I’ll find resolution. I just have to commit to low fodmap (for as long as it’s recommended) and avoid all processed foods. Thanks for being the first to respond to my post !

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