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I have been dealing with ibs for nearly 10 years and I recently got a new job. This has been the hardest on my symptoms every morning since I started the new job. I’m not if it really has to do with the job or it just regular symptoms but either way is there is anyone out there who suffers like I do in early morning before going into work ? If how how do you guys manage it 

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Jeffrey Roberts

I have spoken to many people over the years and mornings seem to be the most difficult time of the day for people with IBS. Doctors explain it as your body is waking up and getting started in the morning like a car engine that is misfiring. It takes several hours or more until the engine is running normal.

When I had to be at a job in the morning, I would get up extra early and wait out my gut. It's usually when I decide whether my gut is going to corporate for the day or not. I often would take an antispasmodic 30 minutes before breakfast to try and ease any cramping or urge to have a BM.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and/or hypnotherapy are often helpful in trying to change how we react to the morning urges.

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