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I hate my GI doctor


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I have IBS-D.  As I have hit 58, it is now really crazy.  If I don't take immodium, I have to go 5-6 times in the morning.  Sometimes I have to take 3-4 immodium.  That is my doctor's solution citrucel at night and immodium in the morning.  The problem with taking all that immodium is that the next day I am stuck, then the day after this I have the diarrhea again.   I have begged her for help, since today I missed work.  The immodium can stop it between 1-2 hours, but I still have several hours of lower abdominal pain after that.

She says there is something else, but it is tricky, since I have to take it 2 hours before any other medication.  Well fine.  I am not a moron, I have been a physical therapist for over 35 years.  I can figure it out.  She just keeps talking over me.  I went through a colonoscopy and blood work to get this much information.  Really?  I could have figured that much out.

I finally called the Thomas Jefferson GI center in Philadelphia, since I live near there, but I have to wait until the end of July for an appointment.  I am about ready to cry.

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