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Could anyone advise me please feeling desperate :(


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I’m a 25 year old female and for over 2 years now I have been struggling with IBS-C. 

I do have frequent BMs but I don’t feel like I’ve been able to empty completely. I am constantly bloated and in pain from cramps, often high up in my gut (it feels like things are being blocked from passing through properly) and I also feel like my bladder is being pressed on and I’m constantly having to go to the loo. When I do go I feel like my bladder hasn’t emptied completely either. I had a urine test and ultrasound of the bladder which came back normal. I have also had blood and stool tests, which also came back normal. I had a breath test and was told I had mild SIBO and took antibiotics for this but this didn’t help. I later was tried on antibiotics again followed by probiotics, and I’ve also been on mebeverine, buscopan, probably other medications etc which I can’t remember because I’ve lost track of everything I’ve tried. Nothing helps :( 

I was taking laxatives which helped with the pain somewhat but I came off them to take my second course of antibiotics. What followed after a few days was severe pain and cramps - I didn’t sleep in over 48 hours and was crying with the pain. I was put on movicol and within a few days the pain became bearable again but I am still so, so uncomfortable all of the time. I am taking several sachets a day and am wondering if I should soon try taking 8 sachets for 3 days to see if that helps, to try and clear things…

I have suffered a rectal prolapse which the GP didn’t seem too concerned about (he didn’t do an examination though - just looked at a photo I took and confirmed what it was) but I am wondering if this could be contributing to the problem / if I could be suffering from pelvic organ prolapse? My GP hasn’t done any kind of examination.

i have been trying to get a colonoscopy on the NHS for a year but my GP practice always tell me they’ve sent off a referral - but the hospital tell me they never received it :( I’m chasing them up a lot but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere. I’m not even sure if a colonoscopy will help or what tests i really need. Would I benefit more from an x-ray? 

I have tried the FODMAP diet twice and kept a food diary, but no food seems particularly to trigger symptoms. I eat plenty of fibre etc.

I am so exhausted and can’t sleep properly with the discomfort. Can anyone please advise? :(







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