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Good morning,

I started taking a probiotic prescribed by my doctor called Intestinex.  I am really noticing an effect the day after taking one.

A lot more gas is being released than is normal.  I believe this is due to unhealthy bacteria dying off or being released.

I will try taking them for a while and see if my digestion starts to improve.

Has anyone else tried this brand?  Thanks for your feedback!

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Jeffrey Roberts

I'm not familiar with that brand. I often use Visbiome.

If I have been away from it for a while, I do have a good amount of gas and bloating for the first few days when I use it.

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I didn't get long lasting benefit with intestinex probiotics.

Jeffrey, I wondered where do you get the Visibiome?

I've heard Align can be helpful. It is confusing because when you go to the store they have 5 different varieties.

I try to bring my list of the bacteria you want your probiotic to contain--lactobacillus, bifidobacterium and Saccharomyies boulardii 

(may have spelled them wrong).

Because some contain a lot of other ones and I don't know if they would even be necessary.

A lot of probiotics are just fancy marketing.

Please let me know what other people discover!


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