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Do you have constant pelvic pain?

Gayle Morton

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I am 64 and about 3 months ago I started having lower left quadrant pain.  I thought this was a flare up of an inflammed diverticuli. CT scan did not reveal infection but did show diverticuli thoughout the colon. The pain eventually morphed into constant pelvic pain.  Over the next several weeks my bowels started spasming and I still had constant pelvic pain, bladder. My stomach eventually started swelling and I felt pressure throughout my abdomin.  I never had diarrhea or constipation but I did have colon spasms and slow moving bowels.  The pain in my pelvis is still constant but the swelling and colon spasms are gone.  I am sore in my pelvis as well.  It feels like it may be muscular or ligament sureness.  I am not sure this is IBS but since I don't have diarrhea and my CT scan was ok I can't imagine what else it would be.  I also had a gyn ultrasound my ovaries and they appeared ok.  Can anyone comment if this pain sounds like IBS?

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