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Hi. My name is Jeanne.  I have had IBS for many years, probably 20. I quess it's C predominantly.  But the constipation has gotten more stubborn.  I searched on Google for IBS Support.  Hope to see if my situation is like others. Tks

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Hi~ Welcome! I was diagnosed with IBS-D about 15 years ago. Over the years I've learned to manage and gotten better, until recently my whole family got a weird infection. Now I believe that it was mild covid since all symptoms added up, although I tested negative. After the brief low fever, the fatigue stayed and my IBS came back. My belly hurts almost everyday, although the diarrhea has been on and off. 

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I've self diagnosed with suggestions off health professionals so will outline a timescale with my issues to see if anyone can add and help;

1. After a bout of food poisoning when I was 17 I started to experience erratic bowel movements and diarrhea. The most significant occasion was a summer holiday six months after above which involved lots of drinking, I'd be fine on the nights out but suffer in the morning.

2. Not knowing or hearing of IBS for at least 12 years after, I changed what I ate an drunk and worked out what triggers the squirts and what eases it but this conflicts with online material. I find avoiding meals for a day or more then eating properly then returning to normal the day directly after I'm fine, but the second day will be my big diarrhea day.

3. I've had Bowel surgery after it had twisted, symptoms were similar to IBS but they evolved into vomiting and constipation this was 12 years ago. Immediately after my surgery and returning to meals I suffered diarrhea at the hospital(not helped by the poor standard of meals). Once everything settled I had not had IBS for a number of months.

4. Five years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 50/50 caused by my lifestyle and genetics. I suffered occasional IBS off Metformin medication which was swapped for slow release tablets. I've since gone onto insulin and two other tablets on top of SLR Metformin.

5. I try to manage both IBS and Diabetes, but find I get caught out especially if I fast then return to a normal diet. I also get an attack if I have a drinking session, I have switched from mass produced lager to Real Ale to avoid the processing ingredients yet as it's harder to keep its essential the Landlord knows how to keep a Pint.

6. These days I can go months without attacks, but can get caught out. I've even managed to be ok after eating mass produced white bread.

7. I see that dietary advise on IBS often conflicts with my ways of addressing  I find eating Weetabix and brown bread can stiffen up my watery stools and help me get better, yet fresh veg such as lettuce can make IBS worse.

I've been looking for clinical trials to go on that can combine both my IBS and Diabetes to work out how best to manage it and see if I can try anything new. I'm also wandering is it IBS ore something different I've got? Other than addressing this with diabetic health workers I've not had any other investigations to diagnose it.

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