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IBS diagnosis...can symptoms eventually stop permanently?

Marsha Stin

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I was diagnosed with IBS last August, also with many food allergies the next 3 months. I am on strict diet and follow it very well. I have had almost no symptoms for 2 months now from all of these problems. (I am adding some foods back carefully) Is it possible to have IBS symptoms that disappear forever or become sporadic? Maybe i was misdiagnosed? Has anyone had this experience? Thanks for any input you can give me!

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It's wonderful that you have been symptom-free for quite some time now Marsha. With IBS, I would say that more or less anything can happen! I have had periods when my symptoms went away,  and I felt quite normal guts but never for that long.

Possibly, your problems have been food allergies or intolerances, and since following your diet, they don't occur. If you have to keep away from those foods for the rest of your life who cares, so long as your gut is your friend? I guess you have a pretty healthy balanced diet, so don't worry about missing out on those foods you can't tolerate.

I hope this continues for you.

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