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Been to Emerg 10 times

Jacob N

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I have been to A&E 10 times now and was brought in my ambulance once, everytime I go they do nothing but if I go a second time they out me on a drip for hydration normally and either give me morphine or most of the time paracetamol on the drip and it's really starting to push me if the edge and can't live like this as I can't get a job if im like this often and and tried pills, lifestyle changes, diet changes and nothing seems to help.


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@Jacob N

I am sorry. This is horrible for you. Yes,. that's about all they do in Casualty: rehydrate you, then send you home. Nothing solved. I guess you have ibs-D? (because you mentioned getting dehydrated)

I have tried with the low Fodmap diet and the reintroductions phase. I haven't done so badly but I still get awful flares at times that make me feel very unwell. It seems that no matter what I do, the IBS has a mind of its own. It will go away for no reason, and return for no reason, and believe me, I have kept a diary of every little thing to find triggers I can control. There aren't any. Some things will make me worse if I'm already starting a flare-up, sure. But I have not been able to ever discover what starts a flare up. It is beyond frustrating, and is totally disheartening.

Have you been diagnosed or had any tests such as stool analysis or colonoscopy? If so, (or anyway) -can you talk to your GP? Maybe get a referral to a GI consultant? Or maybe you've already done that...I don't know.
We are inclined to get fobbed off with IBS. It seems the attitude is "it's only IBS, go home and deal with it."

There are 2 other things you can check your symptoms against:
BAM (bile acid malabsorption)
SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)
These two can cause horrible symptoms yet in both cases medication can solve them.
SIBO is diagnosed with a breath test. BAM with a stool test, I think.

My opinion is your doctor needs to put more energy into helping you, besides writing a prescription for Imodium or an anti depressant or something.

Good luck. You are not alone. I hope you get some better help from your doctor.

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