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Low fodmap enquiry


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Low fodmap enquiry

Regarding serving sizes. If you Assume all quest products are lowfodmap. You can have them so long as you keep it to the serving size. If I then eat a packet of peanut butter cups, a birthday cake bar and a choc chip cookie all at once but have just one of each (the reccommended lowfodmap serving size) does that change things? same brand different product types and lines.

Alternativley I make sweet potato fries. I the put on a plate the fodmap reccomended servings for Tomato sauce, Bbq sauce, Oyster sauce, mayonaise, mustard, sweet chilli sauce, sweet and sour sauce and fish sauce. I consume this all at once in one sitting. Whilst I stuck to the reccommendations I ate a great deal of very similar condiments. Do these things stack due to them being comparable ingredient wise ?

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