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IBS-C Relation between bloating due to the bacterial overgrowth and becoming constipated


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Greatings from Germany, after visiting many doctors and not find a proper threatment,  I found this forum while researching on the internet and decided to sing up to find solution or experience based alternative solutions for my situation I am 36 years old male.

I have a PTSD history for a long time and had to use Lustral and Efexor more than 7 years and get threated well but after i quit using them,last year i become IBS-C patient
There are many information on the internet about long term Antidepressant usage and about loose brain/gut axis after quiting them.

My symptons started with constipation for a month and after couple hospital rides and trying diffrent medicines, I v got best solution from meteospasmyl and tribudant, also have mild heartburn time to time but nothing to much serious about it unless i drink fizzy drinks alot.
But using tribudant improves Heatburn symptoms very badly after 2 days, so i only use it when i have to much bloating trapped inside of me.Other than that i don't touch it.

I tried different prebiotics and they worsen my situation, psylium husk also worsen my symptoms too,  Low Fiber, gluten and lactose diet is only working solution in my situation.
Followed this diet for 2 months and get significant benefit from it.

But it is not possible to follow that strict diet all the time in daily working schedule and sometimes i have to flex it a little bit, but after day or two my symptoms come back immediately if i not follow the low fiber diet.
And when it happens i have to take metospasmly for a day or two to come back to normal again, sometimes greasy stool and after diarrhea with lots of mucus in it 
But even if i use meteospasmyl my gas problem never went away completely and have always gas trapped inside of me, even if i not feel, it is always there,
(ultrasound and xray results) sometimes little sometimes at the level of that i can hear sounds about it.
My last doctor advised me to use Creaon for bloating and bacterial owergrowth in my intestines, but when I i using it, bloating seems to fading away but than i become consipated again.

Rightnow i am taking metospasmly couple times in a week and most of the time, I can go to bathroom at the mornings in mashed form due to the medicine.
But this is not solves my problem completely , If i only use meteospasmyl than bacterial overgrowth starts again and after a week i've got light burning feel in my prostate,
Rather than taking Creon to fix this ,  1 teaspoon cider vinegar in big glaas of water in the mornings fixes burning feel in my prostate and it wents away than I start to have normal defecation or close to normal form day or two but than i become constipated again if i keep taking cider vinegar.
Also Wild Rue looks like good for the bloating and spasmy problems but it also makes me constipated too.

Situation is not killing me but i feel like i have to find proper solution before my body reach its limits in this circle or gain immunity to drugs that i am using.
Looks like I need to find balance between controlling bacterial owergrowth without getting constipated, if i am wrong please let me know.

If i cannot find a solution i am thinking to go back on antidepressants in low dosage  before getting diverticula or prostate
But it is not my primary choise, maybe the last one.

I will be grateful if people who had similiour experiences enlights me about them,
I do not want to use Antidepressants again unless i have too,
Also if there are any way to gain Brain/Gut axis connection, such as prebiotics or acupuncture , i am willing to try thoose too.
thanks alot and sory for the extraordinary English skills of mine.

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I'm sorry you are dealing with all of this. I have not experienced what you describe personally, however I have heard wonderful things about acupuncture, and so I would say give that a try. I have gone the natural route with my IBS-C; lots of meditation and mind-body work, plus a daily prebiotic/probiotic supplement and some other adjustments to my diet (e.g., I stopped drinking caffeinated coffee, stopped eating breads and other inflammatory foods, etc). Have you looked into if your diet might be impacting your gut microbiome? I have discovered that with diet adjustments, such as eating only whole foods (fruits, vegetables, etc.) and staying away from carbohydrates and processed foods, my body does much better. I also exercise regularly, 5-6 days a week.

I would recommend taking a whole-body approach and seeing what that yields. Be patient with the process, and stay hopeful. You're right - the brain/gut axis is crucial. And your mind is an incredible healing tool! 

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I was curious if you ever tried Xifaxan (rifaximin) as a treatment for the bacterial overgrowth. That always does the trick for me. I agree with eating whole foods and if you are trying to do gluten free or lactose free, be especially careful of ingredients that are added to the product. Other than that, trying to wait 4-5 hours between meals is suppose to be good for keeping the overgrowth away. It sounds like you are trying to eat low fiber, which my doctor does recommend. I have been told that the bacteria does not live off of certain foods. For example, if you like salad, try eating spinach. I don't follow the diet strictly, but moderation is always good.  Spacing out meals, lower carb and sugar is what I do. Don't change too much at once if it makes you feel bad. 

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