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Remission with Microbiome Modulation

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We recently achieved complete and deep remission by modulating the microbiome using specific synbiotic formulation (Prebiotic + Probiotics+ Antioxidants) a supplement, for a 12 year old Crohns patient. With in 4 weeks Calprotectin levels dropped by 60% and by end of 12 weeks all biomarkers were normal. The colonscopy images before and after are available and I do not know how to attach here. Histology of the biopsy samples showed no inflammation and deep remission that was confirmed by gastroenterologist at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. We were able to get maintain and continue the patients on solid foods with no other medications. Would love to add more details and help the community here. We presented the data at Probiota Americas 2022 conference and are also in works to present at upcoming world congress of gastroenterology 2022.

We are in this together and lets make a difference.


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