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Morning poop


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Hello all, I'm new here and I'm really just looking for some support! I've had problems with my poop for a while now but honestly just ignored them as really they didn't bother me that much, but I recently I realised that it's not normal! My doctor has told me to take probiotics for now... I think I have a sensitivity to lactose which I cut down several month ago (because of bad heartburn which has got much better) but have allowed dairy to sneak back in my diet... but I'm not sure about gluten as well.  Each morning I wake and have a fairly normal if soft poop but it floats, followed later... 30 mins or an hour... by a more or less liquid poop sometimes explosive. I don't go again then until it repeats the next day, I don't have cramping but an urgency to go... I stopped eating gluten for a few days and my poop now sinks rather than floats but I still get the second diarrhea. Is this a symptom anyone else has had and how long until the liquid poop stopped, I think gluten free means less fibre so should I take a supplement... I am anxious basically, waking each morning waiting for a normal bowel movement..

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hi HayleyR,

I can relate to your symptoms, except cramping is usually associated with my urge to go and my stools are never floating except if I have gone like 8 times in a row and there isn't much stool left in me.

The floating stool is interesting. In almost seems like a malabsorption problem. You may be onto something with removing gluten from your diet. Have you ever been tested for celiac disease? Floating stools are not uncommon with Celiac disease, but I suspect you would feel additionally unwell with that.

Have you ever spoken to your doctor about this pattern? 

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