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Just joined this group and hoping for information and support.  Diagnosed 37 years ago with IBS-C.  The past several years it has gotten worse and now it controls my life.  Feeling hopeless about seeing any change and disappointed in doctors that have never really given me a lot of options for management.  Maybe there aren't any.  Going to try Low FODMAP. Has anyone had success with that?  Also looking for information to help friends and family understand this crazy syndrome.  Thank you.

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Jeffrey Roberts

Dear Lisajk,

I'm sorry to read that you have been living with this for 37 years and are still struggling with symptoms and doctors that are unwilling to support you to find a suitable treatment. One of the problems with IBS is that one solution doesn't necessarily work for all so it's a lot of trial and error. After 37 years you'd think you would have gone through all the trial and error.

I presume you have tried some of the new medications for IBS-C, namely Amitiza, Linzess, Trulance, IBSrela and Zelnorm being an older one that is actually not being marketed any longer. Motegrity, while approved for CIC, might also be worth considering.

Aside from that, a low FODMAP diet seem to have great results for IBS-C other than perhaps pain. Studies have shown that it might be more effective for IBS-D patients.

I hope others can provide some more advice.


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