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Explosive diarrhea


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I wondered if anyone else experiences explosive diarrhea at times?

I get this at times so I researched and found this article that I thought I'd share.

for me I think I get it if I eat a food I'm intolerant of. For me I'm lactose intolerant,

so it could have been caused by eating cheese.

Though I don't get it every time I eat cheese.  So I have to write down everything I eat so I can

figure out what is causing this symptoms.

It could also be from eating beans too early in the day..

Hope all in the group are well!


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Jeffrey Roberts

I used to experience explosive diarrhea from a variety of things, but not so much anymore. I'm lactose intolerant too, but I really don't have anything with dairy so that's not my cause. Too much alcohol is definitely a trigger for me, so I tend not to do that anymore.

Keeping a food diary is probably the best way to identify if it is any one food or combination. Using a low FODMAP diet is also helpful at identifying which foods in which quantities might also be the cause.

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Thanks very much for your reply.

You are right. It is best to keep a food diary.

I am lactose intolerant as well but eating dairy doesn't cause that symptom.

I'll try being more meticulous about the food journal.

take good care!

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