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Yes I just started taking Linzess.   Not working as well as I had expected.   Trulance  worked about the same.  Still taking stool sophenera, magnesium, and miralax with it. 😝.   I’m hoping In Time it will get better.   I’ve been on it 3 weeks.   I’m getting pretty upset about the constipation myself.   I would also like input myself.    Thank you.  

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I Saw a Video on  colonic massage that I just started doing twice a day.  Very simple to do. Look it up and watch several different videos.   Let me know what you think. It has helped some.    

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On 7/23/2022 at 3:00 PM, AlX said:

I am  lost with my IBS -C

Has anyone taken Trulance (plecanatide)?


Yes. Didn’t do A thing nor has linzess.    I think the colonic massage is helping along with stool softeners  and miralax.  Google it and watch several videos. 

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Take Mirromax or clear lance one dosage and increase it untill it works.

Take them at night.

I did it and it works. You can always add drired furits such as Aprricots


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