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Please help


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Hello All

I was just after some advice as its driving me mad, i will bullet point my story below

1. July 2019 absess in my underarm, had an ultrasound

2. Was deemed awkward for surgery due to location, so was given 5 weeks of chlythromycin antibiotics, and this is where my issues started (subesquently i found out this is a strong dosage over a short amount of time)

3. before this regular once a day solid bowl movements

4. now for the last 2 years 3 times in the morning very loose stools, no pain, no cramping. Afternoon is okay, but before breakfast and couple times after loose stools/diorahea. I also get fascilations all over my body in randomn places throughout the day, dont bother me just feel weird (these started same time as my bowel issues) 

5. in 2020 i had a stool test fine, had 3 blood tests over the last 2 years

6. in 2021 i had a flexible sigmoidscopy

7. 3 months ago i had a colonoscopy

8. tried the daily actimel and everything and no luck, just loose stools and always having the urge to clear my bowels all morning 2 to 3 times

no pain, just very irritating, doctors cannot help me no more they say after i had a colonscopy.......is this IBS???? what can i do, how does it ever end???? i have had enough and its stressing me out and irritating me


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