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I have been diagnosed with IBSC years ago!  It has caused, as I’m sure it had for many, anal fissures. Over the years I have tried so many things. I refuse to let it stop me from my day to day and SUFFER silently in public always. At home with my family..they can’t understand the pain when I’m in bed or in the toilet crying.  I’m just looking for someone to understand what I go through way too often. Isn’t pooping a “normal “ part of life??!  Why does it make me suffer 😔

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Jeffrey Roberts

Dear Cyndi,

I'm sorry to read your story, but I can relate. The fear from having intense pain each time you poop is very distressing. It really impacts your life greatly.

Good for you to try and carry on life as usual. We get what you are going through. 🥰

Have you ever been referred to a GI surgeon to see if they can help with the recurrent fissures?

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Cyndi, you sound hopeless as I was when i was younger. It didnt seem fair. I didnt understand it. I didnt understand diet and i refused to believe i couldnt just eat and drink what i want. 

Don’t lose hope. There are many things you can do to feel better. You just have to accept that you have to work at it. It sucks to know others dont think twice about it. That still bothers me. 

if i hear back from you and learn more i can share what has helped me. Believe me. I still have bad days. But i also have good days. Everyone has problems. This is just our problem and the key is to put in the work and educate yourself. 

i wish you the best

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