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Gas problems


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On Tuesday evening, I was on Zoom doing a Youth Club meeting as I'm a Youth leader.


However, before I let the young people in, I told my colleague that I have excessive gas problems. She said 'fine, I won't tell the young people'. I passed gas and she heard it to let my gas out. 


I then let the young people in, and my gas came back after 1 minute. I talked to them about how their week has been. When I talked to the eldest young person, I passed gas loudly and I hid it by saying 'oh sorry was someone just talking then, I think I have just cut someone off? to get the young people's attention away from my gas. I also played with my hair, putting it behind and in front of my ear. Luckily, the young people didn't think I passed gas and my colleague distracted them. The gas was quite smelly (like rotten egg), and I didn't react to my gas.


During the meeting, I kept on moving side to side and back and forth and moving my bottom to help my gas.


When I said to the young people 'we are doing Pictionary today', they got excited, and after a few minutes, when the young people played the game, I passed gas loudly. No one noticed because the young people were concentrating on the game. I didn't apologize to them.


My gas happens quite a lot. What can I do to help my gas?

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Jeffrey Roberts

Thank you so much for sharing your situation Lauren. That sounds really challenging to have to live with gas that's hard to control. It was very understanding of your colleague to support you during your recent club meeting.

The smelly, rotten egg gas makes me think that you might have some food intolerance, have rapid gut transit or have slow gut transit. Methane, the smelly part of gas, is also recorded with SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.It would be helpful to talk to a doctor who can help try and narrow this down.

If it were me, I would keep a food diary and try and find the offending food(s) that might be the cause. Working with a Dietitian with the low FODMAP diet might also help to identify the problem foods.

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