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95% reduction in IBS-C symptoms, how I did it.


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I'm mid 50s, male, always been active. About 6', normal weight until 40 was 185 or so. I caught Lyme in 2007, did 30 months of oral antibiotics, and it's gone, but I had cluster of digestion related troubles that steadily worsened. When I was really sick I was down to 170, my porky pandemic max was 215. I got an IBS diagnosis in 2014 and bleeding started in earnest maybe 2017? Anything to do with digestion, coming or going, could trigger symptoms that were close to narcolepsy type 2 in a matter of two to five minutes. Even when I was awake I was often a total brain fog zombie.


Things that have made me feel better over they years include Visbiome probiotic, a heavy mix of vitamin D and magnesium, and time release 5-HTP (serotonin precursor. My layman's explanation on these things is that I just wasn't absorbing things correctly, so I needed multiples of the RDA to get the job done. I was on dicyclomine 2014-2021. The 5-HTP is key, our gut makes serotonin AND it uses 90% of it, the effect on our brains is a side show.


I had been asking doctors for Modafinil for years. Finally got it in January of 2019. This did not fix my sleep cycle, but there was a sudden, dramatic decrease in bleeding. Instead of every time, maybe once a week. Near the end of that year I got the first little hint of tardive dyskinesea, and immediately quit. Somewhere in my reading I had seen an article that mentioned "dopamine is a powerful anti-inflammatory for the gut". 


I ordered L-tyrosine, which is a precursor for dopamine. A guy my size should get about four grams a day from diet, I was eating whatever healthy things, and supplementing six to eight grams. Since the start of 2020 my bleeding has gone down to not more than once a month and recovery takes a day or two, not a week. Around the start of 2021 I learned that microbiome dysfunction can be mediated by histamine releasing gut bacteria. I was always congested, this immediately made sense. I started taking 75mg benadryl before meals, and that really tamped down the trouble.


Last May at the start of the month I was talking to a friend about physical and mental health, and he suggested I try a nootropic. I went looking for phenypiracetam, but supply chain troubles have left the shelves bare. I found a thing on Amazon called Noopept that was in the same general area, so I ordered it. A 25 gram container was around $40 and you need a milligram scale. It's a slightly bitter powder you put under your tongue, what studies I could find indicated doses from 10mg - 30mg three times daily. The studies indicated it was used for sixty days.


Noopept eliminated the brain fog and possible narcoleptic type episodes immediately. I've found that if I have a meal or BM and I feel foggy, 10mg of Noopept will clear that up in a matter of ten to fifteen minutes. The sixty day limit is no joke tho - by the end of the run I was not sleeping more than three hours at a time, and often only once per day. It's not a stimulant, you don't feel jittery, and it doesn't trigger any weird behavior, other than the poor sleep. I stopped taking it, sleep corrected within a couple days. Now I'm only taking it if some digestion thing makes me foggy, it fixes it, but I'll pay with short sleep for a day or two.


I've been playing Mahjong solitaire for about the last forty years. There are a variety of games out there, the one I've had for the last five years has seven different layouts and I was a consistent 3:00 - 3:05 player. I had improved my scores twice over the last two years. Since I got on Noopept I've had eight on nine new best scores, my times are now 2:37 - 2:47. Noopept doesn't just make me feel better, those game scores are a concrete demonstration that my mental focus and short term memory capabilities have improved dramatically.


I'm still hunting for what to do about histamine producing species in my microbiome, but if it never gets any better than what it is today, that's still pretty darned good compared to what I put up with from 2014 - 2019.

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