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IBS-D Diarrhea x5days


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Please help me. Ia at my wits end and about to enter an emotional breakdown.


My son suffers from IBS-D. 

He is currently experiencing diarrhea x5days..went to GI..they prescribed him bills for bile acid malabsorption. 

They didn't tell me what to do to help him eat and drink so he can feel better. Should I take him to ER? Everything he eats comes out into toilet. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

I'm so sorry that your son is feeling so unwell. I understand how emotionally draining this is for you. My daughter is going through the same thing and it is stressful to stand by and not be able to make them feel better.

The ER will likely look for food borne illnesses or ova and parasites and may start an IV if they feel that your son is dehydrated. Unless your son is passing blood with the diarrhea, has ferocious abdominal pain, or is very dehydrated, I'm not sure ER is the right place for him.

I assume your son has been checked to make sure that he doesn't have any food borne infections and/or hasn't been on an antibiotic in the last 6 months. Bile acid malabsorption does help a lot of people who have diarrhea all the time, but it can make you constipated. You have to take it with food or else it can make you rather nauseated.

Did you doctor reference the low FODMAP diet to try and find foods which might be contributing to the diarrhea? That could guide you on diet.

There are other treatments for IBS-D that could also be tried if the bile acid sequestrant does not work.

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