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New here, IBS for 15 years


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Hi all

I was diagnosed with IBS after a lot of tests back in 2007. At the time I was under a lot of increasing pressure at work, and it's clear now that stress was the trigger for the IBS symptoms.

I retired from work in 2012 with anxiety and depression.


I've often had IBS-D symptoms since, but they have resolved within 18-24 hours and I've just got on with life. I've noticed that the main trigger now seems to be sudden hot weather.


A couple of weeks ago I was volunteering in the open air on a very hot day with no shade - and I've had the worst IBS-D flare up ever, plus some new symptoms!

I feel that I'm on the trailing edge of the flare up but am still very tired.

My GP has been very helpful and supportive, and has arranged some repeat tests.

I've been advised to eat more soluble fibre (which seems to be having zero effect) to help with the (new) anal leaks.


I'm now petrified of an air flight in a couple of months on a family holiday in case I have an 'episode' on the plane or in a queue! I might be on the loperamide and in some inconvenience pants (yuk) just in case.

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Jeffrey Roberts

I'm glad to hear that your GP is being supportive and repeating tests.

Have you considered metamucil to try and bulk things up and slow down your bowel. It seems entirely counter intuitive, but I've personally done that for 1 year and found it helpful. I also understand that this might be an easier fibre instead of metamucil, https://www.webbernaturals.com/en-ca/the-right-fibre4-ibs-intestinal-discomfort-tangerine/

Is something like this available in the UK?

Screen Shot 2022-08-21 at 12.45.28 PM.png

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