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What is TikTok's latest trend #HotGirlsHaveIBS?  Yahoo Lifestyle UK


TikTok trends are aplenty, with viral pink sauce recipes and even sex toy trends, but is the latest trend - #HotGirlsHaveIBS good for IBS sufferers, or potentially dangerous?

The hashtag, which shows women talking about symptoms of their IBS, in an attempt to normalise the condition, has gained 14 million hits on the social media site.

Of course, some of us are familiar with IBS, aka irritable bowel syndrome, with two in 10 of us thought to suffer from some of its symptoms - including bloating and bowel changes. Some of us even have to avoid our favourite foods, like pizza or desserts, in a bid to avoid the symptoms.

Nadya Okamoto, author of Period Power, has spoken openly about her IBS on the platform. One of her most popular videos, where she talks about how she's been constipated for a week, has had over 300,000 views.

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