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Pubmed-Efficacy and safety of fecal microbiota transplant in irritable bowel syndrome: An update based on meta-analysis of randomized control trials

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Health Sci Rep. 2022 Sep 12;5(5):e814. doi: 10.1002/hsr2.814. eCollection 2022 Sep.


BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Fecal microbiota transfer (FMT) is a potential treatment for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Several randomized trials have tested FMT effects using different routes of administration, doses, and sample sizes. We aim to assess the overall efficacy of FMT for IBS patients and the safety of the intervention.

METHODS: We systematically searched four databases for randomized control trials that studied the efficacy and safety of FMT in IBS patients.

RESULTS: We included 8 randomized trials (472 patients) that compared FMT with placebo in IBS patients. Pooled results showed no statistically significant difference between FMT and control groups in the overall change in IBS symptom severity (IBS-SSS) at 1 month (p = 0.94), 3/4 months (p = 0.82), and at the end of trials (p = 0.67). No significant difference in the total number of respondents between the FMT and control groups (risk ratios = 1.84, [95% confidence interval (CI) = 0.82-2.65], p = 0.19). Although the oral route of administration showed a significant difference in the number of respondents (p = 0.004), there was no statistically significant difference in the IBS-SSS when subgrouping the oral route of administration (mean difference = 47.57, [95% CI = -8.74-103.87], p = 0.10).

CONCLUSION: FMT is not an effective treatment to relieve all the symptoms of IBS. Even in the groups that showed relatively significant improvement after FMT, the effect was proven to wear off over time and the re-administration carries a low success rate. Future research should consider different bacterial-based interventions such as probiotics or specific antibiotics.

PMID:36110348 | PMC:PMC9466358 | DOI:10.1002/hsr2.814

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