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Google-TikTok's #HotGirlsHaveIBS trend is breaking down bloating stigma - Cosmopolitan UK

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TikTok's #HotGirlsHaveIBS trend is breaking down bloating stigma  Cosmopolitan UK

If, like us, you spend approximately 78% of your day scrolling through TikTok, then you'll likely have come across the latest trend that is allllll over the social media platform. And nope, we're not talking about another omg-that-looks-so-good recipe or viral sleep hack.

In fact, there's over 14 million videos (and counting) using the #HotGirlsHaveIBS hashtag, and the viral trend trend is not only taking over our TikTok feeds, but also helping to break down the stigma when it comes to bloating – something which many people feel ashamed about experiencing and therefore suffer in silence with for far too long.

As you might have guessed from the hashtag, the trend is centred around the struggles that come with having IBS – a condition that around one in five people in the UK will experience at some point in their life, with two thirds of the people affected being women. 

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