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How Eating Disorders and IBS Are Connected  Cosmopolitan


Dianne Chung’s eating issues started in middle school. Like many girls at that age, the media’s fixation on women with very specific body types (read: skinny) put pressure on Dianne to look a certain way. But there was more: She describes herself as a “sickly child” who always had trouble eating and digesting food. “A lot of my early memories are of me throwing up because I was sick or had stomach pain, which was pretty traumatic, so I didn’t exactly enjoy eating once I got older,” she says. It became common for Dianne to skip lunch at school, not only because of her struggles with food but because she wanted to save money, too. Dianne grew up with a single mom in a low-income household. “Since eating was such a pain to me physically, I thought, oh, it's better to save money and have that help out with expenses at home,” she says.

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