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Google-Rina Sawayama Opens Up About Therapy, Cringe, and IBS - Them

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Rina Sawayama Opens Up About Therapy, Cringe, and IBS  Them

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Still, Sawayama manages to be effortlessly cool despite any supposedly ~ cringe ~ references. And yet, as the old adage goes: hot girls, they have problems, too. Sawayama told Them about some of the less glamorous aspects of being a pop girl. Alongside the very zeitgeisty concept of “cringe,”the singer also invoked the trials and tribulations of being a hot girl with irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS. 

“The pressure with the pop girls is that even if you’re not having such a good day, even if you’re really jet-lagged or your IBS is going crazy or whatever, you have to look really hot. Consistently hot,” she said. “And also everything you say is going to get printed and put on Twitter.” 

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